S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche
S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche

BMX vs. standard bike – these are the differences

The most fundamental difference between the two types of bicycles can be summarized as follows: A standard bicycle is approved for road traffic, a BMX bike is considered purely sports equipment. A BMX bike lacks all the things that are standard on a “normal” bike: lights, mudguards, luggage racks, bells, reflectors, two independent brakes for the front and rear wheels. A BMX bike lacks all the things that are required by the StVZO. It must therefore not be used in traffic. The design of a BMX bike is primarily designed so that you can perform cool BMX tricks with the vehicle. For example, a BMX bike has a special braking system or handlebars that can be rotated 360 degrees. For this reason, children and teens are only allowed to use their BMX bikes on private property, bike parks, half pipes or on practice areas that are separated from public traffic. You should definitely be aware of this before buying: As cool as BMX should be, BMX is taboo for children and teens on the way to school! Is a BMX a replacement for a mountain bike? The answer is: no! The idea is still partly widespread because some time ago BMX bikes were primarily available with wider tires. BMX, like mountain bikes, were also often used for off-road riding. But that's not the case, a BMX is not a mountain bike - especially since today's BMX bikes are mainly equipped with narrower tires, as most BMX bikers ride on specially prepared race trails, pump tracks or half pipes.

What is meant by a kids dirt bike?
Dirt bikes for children are a relatively new form of the classic children's BMX bike, which was developed for special trails and pump tracks. Their special design makes children's dirt bikes particularly robust and at the same time small and maneuverable, which makes them the ideal partner on pump tracks, dirt parks and slopestyle courses. Their wheels enable particularly spectacular stunts and meter-high jumps.

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