S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche
S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche

Fit and healthy with the scooter

Most of us still know the classic scooter from our childhood. Two wheels and a base connected to a handlebar, which is set in motion by pushing off with your foot, is the basic principle of all scooters. The differences lie in the individual versions of the respective scooter models. What they all have in common is movement in the fresh air that is gentle on the joints and strengthens leg, arm, stomach and back muscles. Kick scooters are an ideal means of transport for young and old that keep you fit and protect the environment at the same time.

City scooters, kick scooters, stunt scooters & Co. – these are the differences Kickboard scooter, city scooter, stunt scooter or just a kick scooter? Admittedly, the numerous terminology for basically one and the same vehicle can be a bit confusing. In fact, the differences lie in the details. We take a closer look at the individual models.

Urban mobility with the city scooter City scooters are the compact city runabouts that you see more and more often in daily school and commuter traffic. Lightweight and usually foldable, they are the ideal helpers for getting from A to B quickly and can easily be taken on public transport. In addition to city scooters for children, city scooters are also increasingly being used by adults to get to the office quickly and without traffic jams. City scooters designed for longer distances are often equipped with larger tires to make driving more comfortable. In order to be better seen in traffic, city scooters with LED equipment such as scooters with LED wheels are recommended. Kickboard scooters, on the other hand, are special scooters that are reminiscent of a mixture of a scooter and a skateboard due to their footboard shape.

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