S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche
S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche

What size for the school child's bike?

While the cool look of the bike for starting school is usually the first thing that is decided, size is another matter. How do you determine which is the optimal size for your school bike?
When determining the size of a student bicycle, the height, the leg length and/or the age of the school child are usually used as a guide.
In principle, this is not wrong, as long as the child's level of development is taken into account at the same time. This can vary from school child to school child and therefore a student bike that should actually “fit” according to the size table, but which obviously causes difficulties for the child, can be catapulted out of the selection.
When buying a bike for students, safety should be the top priority. The size that the child can handle best should be prioritized. If in doubt, it is better to choose an inch size smaller than to risk an accident because the child feels unsafe on the student bike that is too large.
However, size tables and age recommendations can definitely be used as an initial guide. If you are looking for a children's bike for 6-year-olds starting school, an 18-inch student bike is recommended in most cases. For a children's bike for 7-year-old kids, a 20-inch student bike should usually fit well. The same applies to a children's bike for 8-year-old children.
If you are looking for a children's bike for 9-year-old school children, the bike size can be between 20 and 24 inches. This size should also be suitable if you are looking for a children's bike for 10-year-old children. However, if the child is particularly tall, a 26 inch bike can also fit.

Style is everything – cool bikes for starting school and afterwards
When choosing the color and model of your school bike, the all-important question is: What type are you?
Bright colors or more classic and simple? Modern city bike or would you prefer a stylish retro look? Sporty look for a trip to the pump track after class or a more casual style for a trip to the swimming pool? When looking for the right bike, students are spoiled for choice. However, our school bikes all have one thing in common: they are the perfect decision when it comes to a stylish and safe bike for school children.

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