S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche
S'COOL Junior Bikes - Fahrräder für Kinder und Jugendliche

Bicycle for beginner riders – what you should pay attention to
Choosing the right children's bike size is crucial for beginners. When buying a bike, some parents tend to choose a larger children's bike for their growing child so that it can be ridden for longer. In principle this is possible, but we strongly advise against it, especially for bike newbies. A bike for beginner riders should be the size that the child can stand on securely. Rule of thumb: The more insecure the driver, the more contact there should be between foot and ground when standing. For this reason, children's bicycles for beginner riders should only be large enough so that the kids can easily touch the ground with both feet while sitting on the saddle.

Inch sizes - this is how you find the right children's bike size
When it comes to choosing the optimal size for the kids bike, the child's height often comes into play. And yes: characteristics such as body size, but also stride length or inner leg length, can be used as a guide. But when choosing a bike for children, it's not just the bare numbers that count, but also factors such as the level of development of motor skills and sense of balance. So free yourself from viewing a size chart as a fixed guideline. A child who “actually” should ride an 18-inch children’s bike due to their size can also ride a smaller one if they feel safer with it. What matters is that your child feels comfortable and gets along well on the children's bike.

Below is a small overview:

  • Children's bike 14 inches: In most cases, a 14-inch children's bike is the right bike for 4-year-olds.
  • Children's bike 16 inches: A 16-inch children's bike often meets the requirements of a 5-year-old bike.
  • Children's bike 18 inches: An 18-inch children's bike should generally be the appropriate bike for 6-year-olds.
  • Children's bike 20 inches: Many children between the ages of 7 and 8 get along well with this size children's bike.
  • Children's bike 24 inches: A 24-inch children's bike is a good benchmark for a 10-year-old bike.

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